Lava is Money
for the World

What is Lava:

Lava is Money.

Lava is a form of money that allows people to exchange and store value fast, securely, and privately. As a deflationary currency it protects your savings from inflation while allowing you to transact and do business in ways previously impossible. It has Sigma protocol based privacy, Dandelion++, Tor, 10 times lower inflation (than bitcoin), Self-funding and Proof of stake. Lava is a customized Proof of stake project fork of Zcoin that will implement the Avalanche protocol to enable Mastercard and Visa level Transactions per second and 1-second settlement.        

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Lava Features

Lava is money. Fast, private and secure.

Proof of Stake

No wasteful and attack-prone "mining". Lava has better incentives that allow efficient allocation of resources and no 51% attacks. 

Safe & Secure

Proof of stake has never been 51% attacked. Self-funding allows us to constantly make sure no hidden bugs threaten your money. A global form of money needs a dedicated team to make sure fatal bugs are prevented or rapidly patched. No "Segwit" and Bitcoin's Replace-by-fee attack vector is to be removed.            

Self- funding and Governance

Instead of wasting resources on mining, Lava can allocate it's inflation to pay for all it's development, adoption, and nodes. Governance features will be developed.   

Sigma Protocol Privacy

The Sigma protocol (by Zcoin)  offers the best in class anonymity. As well as Tor and Dandelion++ for further anonymity. Soon to be improved by the Lelantus protocol.      

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Planned Features


Future implementation of AvalanchE will enable Mastercard and Visa level Transactions per second and 1 second settlement.


Lease proof of stake Can allow someone else to stake your lava for you 


On-Chain Governance to be developed